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Trillium Chiropractic is located in Slingerlands, NY inside the building of New Scotland Physical Therapy. Owned and operated by Dr. Cortnee Whipple who is in her 8th year of practice. Specializing in acute and chronic conditions, sports injuries, slip/falls, overuse injuries, headaches as well as pregnancy and infant adjustments. Dr. Whipple loves treating patients of all ages! Offering a wide variety of treatments and modalities to serve you best.

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Why chiropractic?
Why trillium?

As chiropractors, we examine and treat restrictions in the spine to decrease pain and improve our body's ability to function. Restrictions or impairments in joint mobility cascade into a complex series of muscle tension, inflammation and impingement. Generally, our bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves; chiropractic helps to guide it!
The trillium flower is often known to symbolize balance. Our bodies seek out or create balance in all movements that we perform. When there is an imbalance it typically results in pain. One of the intentions with all chiropractic work is to create a homeostasis or balance in the body.

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Hours of operation, by appointment only:
Monday: 12pm-6pm

Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 8am-6pm

Thursday: Closed
Friday: 7am-12pm
Saturday: 9am- 12pm

Sunday: Closed

1944 New Scotland Rd 
Slingerlands, NY 12159


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